At The Schippers group we produce our own product line of high quality ear tags, used for animal identification in the professional livestock industry.

We produce up-to 5 million MS Ear tags per day fully in-house at our own brand new factory in Hapert, the Netherlands.  MS Ear tags are used by customers in over 50 countries. 

We supply both governments and livestock owners in accordance with their specifications.



On a beautifull day in 1966 Martien Schippers talked to one of his customers, a professional dairy farmer who had trouble keeping his cows apart at his expanding farm. Martien came up with a solution to identify the cows, that soon proved to also be popular at other farms. And that is how MS Schippers was the first to introduce plastic animal identification tags in the Netherlands in 1966. Currently, our high quality ear tags are shipped to customer in over 50 countries across the globe. To meet the growing demand for animal identification solutions the group opened a new production facility for MS Eartags in Hapert in 2023.

MS Ear tags

MS Ear tags are labels of very high quality and are used for animal identification on professional livestock farms. Our tags are known for having the lowest failure rate in the market, due to their extreme durability and wear and tear resistance.

We produce a wide range of tags, they are available in:
- Normal and RFID models
- Multiple colours
- Various printing options
- Small and large order quantities
- Different types of packaging, from bulk to single packaging

We are the only manufacturer in the world that can produce ear tags on rolls, which are used to feed semi-automatic tagging systems like the MS TagMatic.

Production facility

The new and modern production facility in Hapert uses the latest injection molding and laser machines, firmly increasing production capacity and enabling our very short delivery times. The Schippers Group Campus in Hapert is ideally located near both of Europe's largest ports, Antwerp and Rotterdam, from where we ship high quality ear tags to customers across the globe.

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