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Farmers looking for products with the best online ordering experience become MS Schippers customers. Through the online shop they are introduced to MS products and educated on the benefits of hygiene management. Our sales team or network of dealers introduce existing customers to MS Gold hygiene products and later to the range of HyCare programs including coaching and impact measurement. At the end of the value chain, are large-scale livestock owners who have integrated HyCare into their full operation, across all locations and teams.


Hygiene programs


HyCare programs are customized hygiene programs designed with and for livestock farmers. Farms that work with HyCare, lower antibiotic use by up to 99% while improving animal health, growth, and profitability.

HyCare’s hygiene programs for livestock professionals provide the coaching, tools and hygiene products for any farmer to demonstrably improve hygiene on their farm(s). We work closely with the teams on the ground and take a shared responsibility in the results. By optimising hygiene standards, we can drastically lower antibiotic use, animal mortality and disease while increasing animal health and overall farm profitability.

Ms Gold

Developed with large-scale livestock farms and integrations in mind, MS Gold products are the very best hygiene products on the market. Distributed via an international network of dealers and distributors, MS Gold is a powerful tool to optimize hygiene conditions on the farm and improve animal health and profitability.

The MS Gold product range consists of the very best hygiene and care products, created with livestock farmers, for livestock farmers.


Premium hygiene products




MS Schippers has all the products livestock farmers need to keep their farm running like clockwork. Our webshops are designed with the busy farmer in mind. Keep track of orders and deliveries in the digital dashboard, re-order products quickly and easily with the app and benefit from our transparent loyalty program.

MS Schippers’ webshops are specifically designed and set up for the needs of the modern day livestock farmer. We offer ordering and delivery systems designed for large companies with multiple locations and employees. Our team has all the support and advice you need to optimise hygiene, animal health and productivity. MS Schippers operates webshops in nine countries and one webshop with a global product catalogue for worldwide delivery.

agro pest control

Professional pest

Agro Pest control

With over 25 years of experience in pest control on agricultural farms, we know the concerns of livestock producers like no other. We have been working on a complete organic control plan for years and are ready for 2023 when the law changes.


Total approach for
drinking water

Total water care

We are concerned with drinking water quality in professional animal husbandry. Because we are convinced that water quality also has a direct impact on a company’s health status and production animals. Summit Water Systems has years of experience in the field of drinking water in the livestock industry.

Mesa Coatings

Professional floor
and wall coatings

Mesa coatings

Mesa Coatings is an internationally operating company located in Bladel. Mesa Coatings is the number one specialist in synthetic floor and wall systems for the livestock industry. Thanks to our specialists and years of experience, we can supply high-quality coating systems. Mesa Coatings is able to provide industrial flooring of up to 2000 m² with a high-quality mesa floor or wall system in 1 day